Higher than a High-Rise


Since mindfulness is a practice introduced to me by my therapist, most recently, in order to create some consistency in actually practicing it, I’ve decide to make Monday’s #mindfulnessinmycity.  I love the art of photography, and though I am not a skilled or professional photographer, I like experimenting with capturing photos of things around Nashville, that may seem simple, but speak a great deal to me.  It’s fun, at least for me, to go to an art gallery and gaze at the colors, follow the movement in the strokes from the brush of the artist you may never meet, and create your own interpretation of its meaning.  The same can be said about the art of photography.

Analyzing pictures that I have taken recently and in the past, gives me at least five minutes of clarity.  My therapist, who I will call from here on out AM, suggested that I try to do something that I enjoyed BD (before depression), in hopes that the lack of motivation would lessen and the interest would increase.  I love the five minute rule.  It’s not too much of a commitment and definitely short enough to be far from a chore.  It doesn’t always work when I’m having the lowest of lows, but when the energy is on the brink of falling dramatically, those five minutes save me.

I’ve chosen this picture above as my first Monday #mindfulnessinmycity post yesterday, because I think it captures Nashville in a way that screams sex in the city meets country living.  My sister isn’t the biggest fan of my obsession with taking photos, but the photos she doesn’t see me taking of her are my favorite.  I imagine that she is in a space of utter silence.  The traffic that encircles her with conversations about drinking their way down Broadway, and excessive honking by individuals who are anxious to get home after a long day, doesn’t seem to phase her.

She is content.  She has no responsibilities and the world is at her command; she has complete control over this moment in time.  The way the buildings tower over as though they are the weight of life, don’t bother her.  The weight of life is just that; the weight of life.  The shadows and darkness that weight has the potential to impart, is overshadowed by the brightness of the clouds and the clearness of the blue skies above her.

She’s riding the high of contentment with life, and the windows of the high-rises reflect that high.

If you would like to share your photos of #mindfulnessinmycity and your thoughts about what that picture says to you, as well as comment about the clarity it brings you, please let me know!


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