Barn on a Hill

It’s midday, on a beautiful afternoon in August, 1975.  The sharp silhouette of a quaint little barn is visible from a distance.  Mae, the care free descendant of hardworking farmers, sits quietly on the green grass, as she sweeps away her wind blown hair to gaze with appreciation at her forever gift in the distance. She never imagined she would own a home at 21, a home she inherited from a distant relative she had no idea she had made such a lasting impression on.  Mae was an artist, a walking poem, with so much talent, that it didn’t amaze the people of the small rural town of Leipers Fork, that she was endowed with the most enchanting barn in the land.  She had no close family, but she lived a life with such gratitude and joy, that the warm decor of her forever barn, decorated with photos of healthy gatherings and feasts of celebrations, appeared as though she had all the family in the world.

She was happy.  She had three chickens, one cow, and one goat, with no idea how to care for them or make a living off of their natural wealth, but as she lay face down on the hill wondering where her new life would take her, she had no worries; no concern about who she would share this new life with or what career path she would take.  She was free and the birds and the wind sang her a lullaby, as she gently rested her head on the grass, and drifted off to sleep.

*this is a fictional depiction of what I imagined when I took 5 minutes to exercise mindfulness through photography.  This is a new coping mechanism I am trying, by combining my love for the art of photography, writing, and mindfulness, I’m able to focus and get my mind away from the cares of this life and my fight with depression.  Before writing this, I felt my mood drop drastically, to a point where I had no control over it and I felt like I was bored with life.  But once I started imagining that I was in a fictional novel, and I could be whoever I wanted to be and write whatever I wanted to write, I could feel the veil of boredom lift.

Try this new way of practicing mindfulness, and share how it made you feel.

David Arms Gallery| Leipers Fork, Franklin, TN

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