“Stressed?” There is definitely an app for that

As we work busily day to day, in the throws of an ever changing age of information sharing and smart devices, dealing with apps are almost unavoidable. Love them, hate them, annoyed by them, or gotta have them, apps are thriving and are here to stay (well at least for the time being). So why not entertain this plethora of help they have to offer. From working 12 hour days, constantly traveling on business, or fatigued from the day to day hustle and daily parent routine, we all get stressed at one point or another; and there’s definitely an app for that. With over hundreds of apps related to coping with stress, here are two free apps (did I mention free), that are guaranteed to help you relax on the go and keep your mental health strong.

Rain Rain

Sometimes you just need to hear some soothing sounds to help block out the noise of a busy day. Rain Rain comes with a variety of soothing sounds, from crackling fire to rain falling on a tent; if you want to mentally escape to the beach for a few minutes, PERFECT, rain rain is sure to have you basking in your favorite surroundings at the touch of the play button. Wishing you were at a bonfire on the beach, watching the waves crashing, or ever wondered what the sound of harbour seagulls and city rain could sound like? No problem, the app allows you to mix up to three different sounds, sure to spark your imagination, and hopefully help relieve the tension of the day.

Countryside Sounds for Relaxing

With the official start of the fall season drawing near, the leaves preparing to turn, as Starbucks gears up to deliver its most popular seasonal drinks (Yum!), this season is also known for new beginnings in careers, collegiate starts, and high time for intense challenges, as well as changes. Even with all the beauty and grandeur that comes with fall, stress is never far. The countryside sounds app is a perfect combination of sounds and visual art, that will make you feel like you are sitting amongst beautiful autumn leaves, as the sun breaks softly through the trees, only to faintly recall after two minutes, all the tension you had built up from your to-do list. It is free relaxation at its best, instantly bringing you into the magnificent art work on your screen, as the birds chirp around you and the church bells ring softly in the distance.

From the sounds of crickets gently singing around a beautifully drawn house on a hill, to horses grazing on green pastures, this app is sure to ease your mind and get you mentally back on track to finish your day strong, like a boss! So push play, pause, rewind, repeat, fast forward, and even set a timer to listen to your top sounds, and watch the stress drift away.

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