It’s a small world…

After all.

How small is this world you may ask?

0E421E47-9FA5-414C-BB3C-3E17430AED92 Just look at the over 20 different minds this blog has gathered; that’s right, over 20 (pretty proud of it).

Ya, I’m sure the most posh fashion blog receives over 20,000 viewers, but I’m grateful for those that even think to click on my blog but don’t, because this blog isn’t about me, which may be hard to believe.

This blog is about us, this small, small world we are a part of, but connect and come together through such monumental things like this life; have I mentioned what ‘a mental life’ we are a part of.

Since the events of last week, losing both dear Kate and Anthony, now more than ever do I stress how much of ‘a mental life’ we live.

The only thing separating us from each other is location…really, if you think about it.

I don’t know who those individuals are that stopped by my blog, what they might be thinking in Senegal vs the United Kingdom, but what I do know is that there’s a whole lot of thinking going on, whether their thinking about the stress of their job or the happiness a loved one brings them, their thinking…

And that’s what I want you to keep doing.

Think about what makes you happy.

Think about what motivates you.

Think about what you can do with out.

And just simply allow life to be motivated by your thinking.

Where would we be without a brain? It’s such a powerful tool and that tool needs to be nurtured, even when it’s hurting.

So if you’re hurting, or feel like like help is worlds away from comforting your aching mind, just remember that it’s a small world…

Look to your left, and look to your right, look straight ahead, and look behind you; there’s someone that understands how you feel, because after all, it’s a very small world.

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