Community Mindset

I am so grateful for the national and local Tennessee mental health support services, offering an abundance of resources to help you decide if you need help and where to receive help.

One in five Americans will have an experience with a mental illness at some point throughout the year, according to NAMI, therefore, it is critical to not only extend resources about health facilities that are available when you need help, but it’s especially vital that we continue a more open and positive conversation on mental health, outside of the health facilities; in the community.

There seems to be a void of community resources on mental health, and I want to change that.  I was the woman who saw the support group for depression sign on a church’s bulletin board as I was driving, and I was also the woman that passed up the opportunity to attend the support group for fear of judgement, as well as the need, at the time, to keep my mental health a secret, due to the stigma attached to the subject.  I’m sure I am not the only one who has had this experience, and I am sure that there are countless other young adult professionals, married, not married, parents, not yet parents, who want to talk about their mental health outside of the confinements of a health facility, but may be hesitant or may not be able to find such an outlet.

That’s why I have an idea.

I started a mental life blog, because I believe that the life we live is all predicated on your mentality, how you view the world, and how you deal with the world.  Many uninformed individuals may see the word ‘mental’ and automatically assume I am referring to being ‘crazy’ of some sort, but I am being simplistic when I say ‘mental’, meaning mentality.

Sometimes, I imagine grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks with a group of like minded individuals, who just want to talk about life and the mentality of it all, or dig deep and share coping mechanisms or flops, with no judgement, as we paint at Dabble Studio, or craft at an art studio; this is my idea of a community mindset:  To be completely free to be around others who understand the mentality of life, may or may not struggle with mental illness, and just want to find better ways of tackling life, by way of strengthening the mind.

In this space below, I will post monthly craft/artistic or therapeutic coffee talk themed meetups, designed to meet the young (age is nothing but a number) professional where they are at in life, no matter their mentality.

So feel free to contact me with any ideas for monthly meetups or tell me what you wouldn’t like, and even what other community outreach opportunities need to be implemented, so we can work together to strengthen our minds, because this life is nothing more than’ a mental life’.

Community Mindset Meetups

••• March 1st, Wednesday:  

Where: Starbucks on West end (2521 West End Ave, Nashville,TN)

When: 6 pm-730 pm

What: First meet up; bring just yourself or a pen and notebook, or whatever resources you want to share with everyone: Let’s talk about what mental health means to you, and your history with mental health (only divulge what you want; what you say should stay within the confines of the meetup, not unless you give permission otherwise)

Who: Come one, come all, whether you have a mental illness or not, we all have to take care of our mental health; no one is exempt

See you soon 🙂